Ha! Sleeper is obsolete! Try this…

What hardware did I use?


We used a Asus P2B and yes its OLD but that’s half the point. Of course you need to make sure your bios is updated to a release that lets u boot your CDROM. Older ones don’t let u do this. Also I have a target drive that is a 250G Maxtor.

Get yourself the instacake cd available at www.ptvupgrade.com

  • Buy instacake cd, personally I did the instantcake-tcd240080-401b02.iso because it was the right one for the HDVR and the HD
  • I also purchased the ptvlba48-4[1].01DD.iso which allows u to boot nicely to a Linux kernel that has many tools etc.
  • Do NOT boot to any of these cd’s directly but rather follow the info on the site Next go to http://www.dellanave.com/projects/tivo/4xrid.html and follow his instructions (THEY ARE GREAT).


Notes on the RID installer:

      • Follow these steps listed here: to the letter: http://www.dellanave.com/projects/tivo/4xrid.html and never stray!
      • In our case when mounting the hard drive /tivo to the HD drive we had to use /dev/hda7 because that is where the HD was on our
      • Step 7, specifically # Put the killhdinitrd'd kernel in BOTH kernel partitions. one's not necessary but it saves having to check which with bootpage
        dd if=/tivo/var/vmlinux.px of=/dev/hdc3 (should say 1+1 records in, 1+1 records out)
        dd if=/tivo/var/vmlinux.px of=/dev/hdc6 (should say 1+1 records in, 1+1 records out), MAKE SURE any reference to the hd is referenced correctly see above, but in our case it was HDA so you NEED TO BE SUER YOU REPLACE C for A.
      • Another section to be careful on:
        • Make sure to get this right. This writes your bootpage so that the Tivo knows where to boot, and sets a few things like not to take software upgrades.

      cd /cdrom/
      ./bootpage -p /dev/hdc # (The result of this command will be /dev/hda4 or /dev/hda7. I will use hda7)
      ./bootpage -P "root=/dev/hda7 dsscon=true console=2,115200 upgradesoftware=false" -C /dev/hdc
      # Check it again, does everything look good?
      ./bootpage -p /dev/hdc

    • This section is CONFUSING as hell, do u really want it to boot to HDC Or what ? Well that’s easy, use the device u used above, same as before. Just do it like this:
      • ./bootpage –p /dev/hda
      • If u do ./bootpage –p /dev/hdc then you are going to get: Error opening device /dev/hdc, so yeah u are going to get some error …

After completing the above steps you should be able to get back into your TIVO via FTP etc. and add your necessary components. I would recommend the following:

  • TivoWebPlus 1.x – the newest one available would be best of course.
  • Add a cond job to automate the fakecall daily or other stuff. Instructions are here by AlphaWolf.
  • DEFINITELY add your 2.0 drivers so you can make copying MUCH easier.
  • Change ur buffer ? Possibly something u would want to do, I have done it and have about a 2 hour buffer now. Very easy to do;)
  • Add TyTools if you wish to download the recordings to your HD and burn them to a dvd or something.






Q: I get this stupid error: bash: chmod: command not found after entering this: bash-2.02# chmod 755 set_mrv_name_ADH.tcl ? why?

A: make sure your path in the /etc/rc.d/ rc.sysinit.author has the /bin in the path set. Then either reset it in your shell or just restart ;)

Q: When I start TivoWebPlus I get a retarded error message in the log file /var/log/tivoweb.log Why what the hell?

A: Remove this: [info exists channeltableapgchannel] from the index.itcl file which is on line 693 of the file. This file is in the tivoweb install directory.

Q: I cannot use TyTools it tells me that it cannot load the now showing list? What do I do?

A: Well research in progress, allow me some time and I will get back with an update.